Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT 100 ML

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT 100 ML

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Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty for Women is a fragrance that was introduced in 2010. It is designed to capture the essence of femininity, grace, and sophistication, making it a popular choice among women who appreciate light and delicate scents.

Fragrance Category: Sheer Beauty belongs to the floral fruity fragrance category, which means it combines floral and fruity notes to create a fresh and inviting scent.

Top Notes: The initial impression of the fragrance is characterized by the top notes, which are typically the first scents you detect after applying. Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty opens with a bright and sparkling blend of notes, including:

    • Bergamot: A citrusy and uplifting note that adds a zesty and fresh dimension.
    • Red Berries: Fruity and slightly sweet, red berries provide a playful and youthful touch to the fragrance.
    • Peach Bellini: A fruity note that contributes to the overall sweetness and juiciness of the scent.

Heart Notes: The heart notes of a fragrance emerge once the top notes have settled, revealing the true essence of the scent. In Sheer Beauty, you'll find a captivating floral bouquet with notes like:

    • Pink Lily: A delicate and elegant floral note that adds a touch of femininity.
    • Jasmine: A classic floral note known for its intoxicating and sensual aroma.
    • Peony: Another floral note that brings a subtle sweetness and freshness to the composition.

Base Notes: The base notes provide depth and longevity to the fragrance, and in Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty, they include:

    • Sandalwood: A woody note that imparts warmth and a creamy texture to the scent.
    • Vanilla Blossom: A hint of sweetness and sensuality is added by this note.
    • Musk: Musk adds a soft and alluring quality to the fragrance, making it linger on the skin.

Packaging: The fragrance typically comes in a stylish and minimalist bottle, consistent with Calvin Klein's aesthetic. The clear glass bottle allows you to see the pale pink hue of the perfume, and it is often adorned with the Calvin Klein logo and branding.

Longevity and Sillage: As an Eau de Toilette, Sheer Beauty is lighter than an Eau de Parfum, so it may not last as long on the skin. However, it is designed to provide a moderate sillage suitable for everyday wear.

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